Nov 2017

I am an entrepreneur with a passion for global communication, science, psychology, neurology and travel. I also have epilepsy.



Growing up with epilepsy I had no-one to talk to about the condition. I had brain surgery in 2013 and my epilepsy is now SO much more controlled!


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This is a blog to enable those experiencing epilepsy to share their experiences, have a laugh, slag off the condition and educate the public.

Why Talk About Epilepsy?

Because epilepsy is a nasty condition, no matter how supposedly mild or severe. It’s something that unfortunately the majority of homosapiens still fail to understand to a sufficient level – meaning that many people with epilepsy feel alone and ousted from society. That can include not just those with epilepsy, but also carers and family.

The purpose of the Epilepsy Sparks blog is for those experiencing epilepsy to share their experiences, have a laugh, slag off epilepsy and educate the public.

There is no “normal” for epilepsy, so not everyone who has one or more of over 40 different types of epilepsy feels the same about the condition. This makes it even more interesting!

Epilepsy Action (UK) is a charity that I work closely with and who do so much for those with epilepsy. I highly recommend contacting Epilepsy Action if you have any questions regarding the condition (I have the condition but am not a doctor/neurologist/epilepsy nurse!).

This year (2017) Epilepsy Action awarded me with Media Volunteer of the Year Award, which was so touching. I guess it’s because I’ll chat to anyone about the condition!

Epilepsy Association of Western Australia and I liaise closely also; Epilepsy WA are the strongest charity in WA who supports those affected by epilepsy.

I am Founder of Media Evolution Ltd, a social media marketing firm. Based in London, we work with businesses internationally, enabling them to effectively outsource their social media auditing, strategising, management, analysis and more.

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